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Fly on the Wall Moment

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Setting:  My office Time: Within the last few days Characters: Me, my interns T & H Activity: Me – answering e-mails; T & H scrapbooking T:  What part of speech is the word crazy in the sentence, “She is crazy.” Me:  Well, my first thought is adjective, but that’s not right. T: It’s an adjective […]

The Most Important Day?

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Real Simple is sponsoring an essay contest.  The subject: The Most Important Day of My Life.  I doubt I’ll enter the contest, but the subject did get my brain whirring a bit. My most important day . . . the day I decided I started kindergarten? Education is important.  The day I graduated from college?  […]

My Now List

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What I am listening to right now: The sound of the fan on my computer . . . my roommate (just for this week and last), Laura,  talking on the phone to her boyfriend . . . some static/electronic/music coming from somewhere. What computer I am using right now: My Dell Latitude D610.  I love […]