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Fly on the Wall Moment

preamble diagram

Setting:  My office Time: Within the last few days Characters: Me, my interns T & H Activity: Me – answering e-mails; T & H scrapbooking T:  What part of speech is the word crazy in the sentence, “She is crazy.” Me:  Well, my first thought is adjective, but that’s not right. T: It’s an adjective […]

This and That

Austrian ATCK Kids

I’m sitting in a training session right now—I’m a trainer, not a trainee—so I can’t totally focus on a longer, coherent post. Snippets are in store for you today. Memorial Day Weekend found me working and being reminded that I have one of the most amazing “jobs” of all times.  Facilitating a reunion for the […]

Viva Italia!!!

Rome panorama

I’ve definitely been missing out for a long time, well . . . all my life.  I’ve been in Italy since Tuesday evening.  What could be bad about a country that has an amazing variety of coffees almost everywhere you go, good chocolate and great friends?  I haven’t done much in Rome but sleep and […]